Pic: Nose Piercing for Geese?

I had my nose pierced last weekend. Yeah, go ahead and yuck it up, call it a mid-life crisis, what-evah. It would appear that one of the geese decided to join in on the fun:

Yes, we chased her down and removed the piece of hay. No piercing for you, little girl!

Getting away from the computer for a few days. Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. HAHHAHA That is hialrious!! Who knew geese were so hip?

  2. Well, I have 2 nose piercings, a lip ring, my nips, a belly hoop, etc etc - and they have nothing to do with my current all-consuming quarter life crisis, ha! I think it's awesome that you follow your heart, so don't let anyone tell you different. And don't forget to soak your nose nightly with sea salt (a shot glass works great).

    Oh, and the geese are *adorable*.

  3. Oh please post pictures of your nose piercing. I have a stud and a ring which I got this year. Some say mid-life crisis, I say that I finally got the nerve up to tell Husband I was going to do it anyway... and he ended up thinking it looks cute. All those years I wasted. :/

    I removed the belly button ring years ago when I had to wear pantyhose and it kept getting irritated. Probably won't go back. But I would like to exchange a second hoop for the stud in my nose. We'll see.


  4. Oh yeah, how about some pics too!

  5. We farm girls are still waters, ain't we? Tattoos, piercings, cigars... bad girls, bad bad girls.
    Rock on, Deb. I think it's fantastic. :)

  6. No worries, folks, the piece of hay in her nose didn't hurt her - you can see through geese nostrils from one side out the other. She probably got it from dunking her head in a water container that had some hay blown into it.

    @Sayward Rebhal and @MeadowLark, welcome to the blog! I've been cleaning like piercing like crazy, and so far, so good. *knock on wood*

  7. It looks like something you'd see the natives donning in an old Tarzan flick!


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