Goose Barrier

The geese are the rulers of their domain, which is basically anywhere and everywhere they can get into. Now that the pups are out of the kennel full-time, the only peaceful sleep they can get during the day is wherever the geese are not. Taking pity on the pups, I sectioned off part of the porch with dog beds, food, and a chicken-wire-and-rope barrier to keep the geese out.

I'm not sure how long this will last, and am already considering other strategies. As you can see from the picture, the geese are lining up and carefully considering how to take back their territory...

[pic taken through the living room window. please ignore the goose poop on the porch, thank you kindly.]


  1. Oh, you are such the optimist! You think that little piece of rope is gonna keep your geese from where they want to be? The question is not if, but when. Please take a picture of WHEN they take back their territory. I bet it will be the first pic of a two geese doing a high five with a snap. Ha! :)

  2. You're starting to make me want to have geese. Luckily, they frown on that kind of thing in boring Woodcreek North.

  3. @S_Vandemore: oh, you know it - the geese will be back with a vengeance. Spouse says "oh, we used to keep out the Canada geese with just a rope", but he never had geese like these.

    @virgotex: Woodcreek North... on RR12?

  4. Off Jacob's Well Road, which runs between 12 on one end and 2325 on the other. Not to be confused with the other, original Woodcreek.

  5. I can't believe they're not hopping over the line!


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