Like a Herd of Wild Turtles

Slowly but surely (like the aforementioned turtles*), we're making progress on the orchard installation. The hitch was finally installed on the car, so we can now rent/haul a digger to the property. A generous gift from Mom (thank you!) will allow us to purchase the first few trees. Still deciding whether to start with the fruit or nut trees...

The vegetable garden is high on the priority list as well. Gardens in South-Central Texas need to get started from mid- to late-January. The two raised garden bed forms have been made, and now it's a matter of hauling the soil over and filling them in. Plans for two more garden beds are in the works - just gotta scare up more of that thing people call "spare time". I also have plans for herbs on the eastern side of the house, and berry canes for the south side. Spouse is still out of commission - and will be for awhile - due to bone spurs on his spine (long story, but no more hauling refrigerators on his back), so we're making purchases of assistance devices such as dollies and carts that he can use as long as he remembers to lift with his knees, and not his back. Ahem.

The food storage class starts in two weeks. I cleaned out the closets of all the clothes I, ah, outgrew over these past few years (*shakes fist at slowing metabolism*), and now have a goodly amount of storage space available for canning and preserving efforts.

Seeing everything starting to roll together like this is overwhelming and exhilarating all at the same time. Whew! The new year is going to be something else!

* One of my grandmother's jokes about progress or lack thereof.

[Pic: Geese chewing on my slippers. Sorry, no pics of turtles at this time.]


  1. I say forget slowing metabolism...I think we are built to hibernate...and it's just hibernation weight! Part of the natural process...it must be...it's happening to me too!

  2. we just started cleaning up our little garden too, great to be outside!

  3. FYI, Hays Co has a good Master Gardener program, and a pretty responsive Extension Service.

    (I haven't taken the Gardener pgrm but am a Master Naturalist- lots of cross connections there)

  4. Nah, not hibernation, it's a slowing metabolism, it's a chick thing. But not to worry, get the orchard and four raised beds in and you will melt away to a mere shadow of your former self. Engage in hard physical honest labor of the soil and you will never have to worry about surprising size changes or redistibutions. I am envious that you are getting started in med-january, really, really envious. I vote for fruit trees first.

  5. @warren, Chance: what's funny is that with the weight gain, I'm now at a healthy weight for my height. It's just a bit of a pain in my wallet at the moment. Also a bit of an ego hit - just not used to looking this way!

    @virgotex: have heard lots of good stuff about both programs. Hoping that once I'm off graveyard shift, can take advantage of one of the courses.

    @Darin R. McClure: hey there! SoCal has amazing gardening weather.

  6. ..or is it a terd of hurtles? Anyway, unlike Chance, I'm not envious just yet. I know how much work you are in for! Did I mention we planted apples, pears, peaches, cherry trees our first year? Lots of sweat and backbreaking labor -- but so rewarding in a few years. Ok, I'm envious now! :) btw, Garfield says it's all the stuff we carry in our brains later in life that just starts to migrate to our middles.

  7. @S_Vandemore: my grandmother had a flair for the dramatic, so no plain turltes would do: it had to be wild turtles.

    The plan this weekend is to determine costs of renting a backhoe or digger of some sort to start prepping for the orchard install. Just got an estimate for bulk soil and delivery. Yeehaw! *bounce*


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