Hill Country Snow

I replied to Chance in the previous post that snow in the Austin area is a once-in-a-decade event... a person more familiar with the area says that it's more like a once-every-30-years type of event. So, an even more rare and fine happening, and I'm just happy to be here, folks! I love the way the snow sets off some of the native grass colors:

The live oaks stay relatively green, however, only losing their leaves come Spring when the new leaves push out the old:

And the dogs, per usual, remain oblivious.


  1. Live Oaks in the snow -- just gorgeous. Enjoy it!

  2. Snow used to be even more painful in Nashville than it is here...it's scarcity was nice in TN for me!

  3. I love the pic with the grasses and the snow, the juxtaposition of the arid and the frozen/wet.


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