Piercing Pic and Amazing Gifts

We got back from the whirlwind trip back East on Saturday night. Spouse's company paid for us to fly out for the holiday party. Wow, I guess business was good this year!

Spouse's Uncle and Aunt critter-sat for us during the trip. No injuries to any parties reported, although Uncle claimed there was a house break-in where only our new recliner was stolen, and oh by the way, did we know he now has a recliner that looks just like ours? Funny guy, that Uncle.

Wished we could have visited all our friends during the visit. As it was, we could only visit with one, and then it was only for a few hours. One of Aunties Karen & Jan's many gifts to Spouse and I was a group of nested measuring cups that look like geese. GEESE! Since no good deed goes unpunished, I've vowed that some how, some way, I'll bring them a gaggle of screaming yellow balls of gosling fuzz come Spring to give their remaining lone Toulouse goose hel... err, company.

And on Sunday: besides homemade venison sausage, canned soups and preserves, Joy gave me my very own personal Round Tuit. This Round Tuit reads:
Many times you've said
"I'll do it as soon as
I get around tuit"
Now's your chance...
Now you can do it...
Now at last you've got
A Round Tuit
Ladies, your generosity humbles and amazes me. May it be returned to you tenfold.

And for those who observe, blessings of the turning Solstice to you and yours.

[Oh, when I got the piercing done, talked to a guy about doing a cover-up tattoo of the one currently on my ankle (the original was poorly done, and is now spread and fading). I'm thinking of getting - you guessed it - a goose.]


  1. I like the pretty piercing on your pretty nose.
    Happy Winter!

  2. Aren't those 'Round To Its' wonderful? Only if they give you additional time in your day of course. lol

    I remember my father had one when I was growing up. It was wooden, size of quarter had a "2" on one side and "IT" on the other.

    Gald you had a great trip.

  3. The piercing looks great! And blessed be to you and yours in the season of the Return of Light.

  4. Woot Woot!!! Love the piercing. I'll have to post one of mine. I'm thinking of changing out the top stud for a second ring. When I post ya'll can tell me what you think.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. Good pic! I dig a nose piercing on most folks...it looks good!

    Merry Winter Solstice a day late


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