Ungh! Yeah!

The barrel-carrying hand truck arrived Thursday evening. Bright red, four wheels, safety strap and kickstand, this mighty dolly is welded metal and rated for a thousand (!) pounds. This thing is so bad@ss it'll survive a direct "newkular" strike. It will still be around after humans evolve out of existence and there's nothing left but the cockroaches. Yeah baby, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

[Actually, it's for hauling around the barrel that contains soiled goose pool water, but it never hurts to over-engineer.]


  1. "newkular" - HA!

    Anyhow, hee haw for over-engineering! You're my kind or goose water hauler!

  2. Hey, water is heavy, and soiled water? I bet you need every bit of that newkular proof machine!

  3. @Natalie: you know it. Haven't been able to move the full barrel yet as Spouse's shoulder is still out of commission, and I don't have enough strength to move that thing onto the dolly on my own.


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